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oncoming adj : moving toward one n : the beginning or early stages; "the onset of pneumonia" [syn: onset]

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  1. approaching; coming closer
    Look carefully before pulling out into oncoming traffic.


  1. an early stage; an onset
  2. an approach

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

A, access, accession, advance, advancing, advent, afflux, affluxion, alpha, approach, approaching, appropinquation, approximate, approximation, approximative, appulse, arrival, arriving, attracted to, beginning, blast-off, coming, coming near, coming toward, commencement, creation, cutting edge, dawn, drawn to, edge, establishment, flowing toward, flying start, forthcoming, forward, forward-looking, foundation, fresh start, go-ahead, imminence, imminent, institution, jump-off, kick-off, leading edge, moving, near, nearing, nearness, new departure, ongoing, onset, onward, opening, origin, origination, outbreak, outset, proceeding, progressing, progressive, proximate, proximation, running start, send-off, setting in motion, setting-up, square one, start, start-off, starting point, take-off, to come, upcoming
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